What is your earliest memory?

Describe it in as much detail as you can: the place, the setting, the sights, smells, and sounds.


May 2016 Bring You…

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About love…

Love changes us, transforms us…giving us inner strength…a power to do things we thought we never could. Inspires us to believe and reach for higher goals. Makes us thirsty for more…making the journey of life even more beautiful, giving it meaning and most of all…fulfilling!
Think about it…have you ever regretted loving someone? While you were (or are, rather!) loving them did life feel short of anything (no matter the actual circumstances)? Did YOU feel like you could tackle the most difficult and unexpected problem of your life thus far, giving it your all?
And on the other hand, have you regretted not loving enough/ could have tried just a little bit harder…? Yes…here I am…guilty as charged! 😉 We find that, in our heart, we are always able to give a little bit more than what our head said we could!
However! I’m not saying it’s our ‘fault’…I completely empathise that loving someone more than oneself is not easy…sometimes you want to breakdown and cry…you almost feel the NEED to cry…it’s okay…let it out. Don’t ever give up though, don’t stop loving…your heart has no limits…it will keep giving as long as you keep seeing the positive in yourself, in others, and in every living/ non-living thing around you. So don’t let the negative emotions, doubts creep in and take hold. Never see our (collective) gift to love ourselves and others as a weakness, it is a strength unparalleled.
I like to imagine our ability to love as some kind of power source, a cycle…where the more love you feed in to the system, the more you get back. A self-generated power, with the ability to replenish and renew us and those around us.
As the saying goes…”The fool didn’t know it was impossible, so he did it”. Love opens our minds…lets us step away from – and challenge – conventional wisdom…allowing us to live life completely. At times, it helps us confront and change some of our own not-so-good habits. It also liberates. And heals. Continuing to love oneself and others even when we may be hurting is very therapeutic; I have experienced it myself at certain points in life. Super difficult to do (I know!)…but it helps us to heal, convalesce positively and keep moving ahead.
We ALL make mistakes, sometimes we (or the ones we love) make the wrong choices (given the circumstances or due to misinformation)…we realise and learn from them, if possible rectify and improve and most importantly grow. Personal growth. If we cannot love and forgive ourselves first, we are not really standing up too well to love someone with a completely different mental/ emotional make-up from us. And if love comes with conditions that don’t really allow us/ our loved ones to manifest positively…that’s not good, right?
We can’t always be near our loved ones…sometimes we have to move away from them…or they may be taken away from us untimely…but the love remains. Steadfast and unwavering. The beautiful memories they leave us with may overwhelm us too – on some days…for many nights even…but that just means what you had (and will always share) was true and untainted.
The memories may fade, photographs and little trinkets may be misplaced or lost…but what the heart has felt (even once) can never fade, or be forgotten or lost…it was never tangible to begin with! The memories that the heart makes stay impressed in our soul…and we carry them into every life that we have lived and will live in the millenia to come.
Much love xo